Take the Pledge

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What will you pledge to do this Earth Month? Because Your Actions Matter!!

Earth Month is the perfect time to make a change in your life that will benefit our planet.  When everyone makes a small change, it results in a big change.

Think about your daily life and how what you do impacts our environment.  Which area(s) would you like to improve on?  Make a personal pledge to change YOUR life.  Such as…

  • Transportation:  bike to work in April?
  • Water:  exchange your shower heads for low water use or attend a CSUtility xeriscape class?
  • Energy:  put a reminder note on all of your light switches – all off when leaving the room!
  • Food: Join a community garden or mark your calendars for Farmer’s markets!
  • Recycling:  Come to one of our recycling events in April, make a battery recycle box in your home then recycle at Interstate batteries on a regular basis

LET US KNOW YOUR GREAT IDEAS – POST TO OUR FACE BOOK PAGE TODAY.  Each Facebook page photo post of you participating in a new pledge enters your name for a drawing at the April 28th Greenie Awards!

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